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Wine, Chips and Funerals

Crude and delicate, Wine, Chips and Funerals is a highly theatrical exploration of a love affair, a tribute to dear ones lost, and a poignant study of a Mother’s Alzheimer’s Disease.

It was written by Claire Porter in 2007 and developed at the Royal Court Theatre’s Play Writing Course. 

Wine, Chips and Funerals is a written work of 20,000 words but its story is to be told through multi disciplines. It merges text with dance, projected images, film and score. Set in Soho, London, in 1987, 1997 and 2007, and against a backdrop of nature, it is a tender tribute to what’s lost. Three eras are contrasted and interwoven, with humour, compassion and poetry, as the past crashes into the present, via dancers, drug abuse and death. Memories, grief and fears erupt to distort and threaten the current quest for happiness as two women fall in love at forty, hurling their lives at each other. It is a play about life for those still here, with pleasure, pain and irony.

Wine, Chips and Funerals is study of the frailty and the strength of humanity, and ultimately a celebration of beauty, love and life.

It received its First Reading in May 2008. The cast included:

Lizzie Wort, Rosalind Knight, Andrew Bridgmont, Tasha Bertram, Thea Bennett, Amanda Ray King and Thomas Brodie Sangster.